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Bass Techniques An Effective Way Of Brushing

Bass technique brushing

Brushing of teeth correctly is the most effective way of keeping teeth cleaned and having healthy gums. It becomes one of the foremost steps in maintaining oral hygiene due to the prevention of bacterial plaque deposits on the teeth, giving rise to bad breath, tooth cavities and gum diseases. Something which is not visible now, is the saving of costly treatments in the future, if the teeth are not cleaned properly after meals as a regular habit.

Combing your teeth is essential to maintain excellent oral health and wellness. Brushing removes the microorganisms that promote dental caries and also some plaque that can create the periodontal condition. You brush your teeth daily. Yet do you think you know the correct technique to do it?

There are various techniques used for brushing your teeth such as:

  1. The bass or Sulcus cleaning method
  2. Modified Bass techniques
  3. Modified Stillman’s Technique
  4. Fones or Circular or Scrub Method
  5. Vertical method
  6. Charter’s method
  7. Scrub brush method
  8. The roll technique
  9. Physiologic or Smith method

Among all the above techniques bass technique and modified bass technique are the most preferred and efficacious techniques.

Bass Brushing Technique

Bass technique brushing is the most agreed and effectual process for the dental plaque removal present in the mouth.

It is acceptable by the open interproximal areas, cervical areas, and exposed root surfaces. The bass technique tooth brushing is majorly recommended for the patients having periodontal diseases.

Advantages of the Bass Technique

  1. Effective for plaque removal.
  2. Deliver the best gingival stimulation.
  3. It can be learned easily.

Disadvantages of the Bass Technique

  1. Excitable brushing may transform extremely short strokes right into a scrub method of brushing and also cause injury to the gingival margin.
  2. This process takes so much time.
  3. In certain patients, the dexterity requirement is too high.

Modified Bass Technique

The Modified Bass Brushing Technique is one of the most commonly accepted and also the most effective methods of brushing for grownups. Adhering to steps will help you practice the modified bass strategy with many conveniences:

  1. Place the brush at a 45° angle to the front tooth surface. Bristles should be attached to both lines of the tooth and also periodontal.
  2. Relocate the brush in a tiny agitating, circular motion.
  3. Clean the inside surface area of the back teeth by relocating the brush in a tiny back and forth movement.
  4. Clean the inside surface area of the front top teeth by tilting the brush-up and down using small up and down strokes.
  5. Clean the inside surface area of the front lower teeth by tilting the brush-up and down making use of small up and down strokes.
  6. Relocate the brush in a back and forth movement to clean up the attacking surface areas.

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