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Benefits and harms of the Dental Implants

Lately on TV and radio we see ads promote Dentist Office Near My Location made by dental clinic franchises that with the aim of attracting customers, who are not patients, offer dental implants at very cheap prices with advertising slogans as suggestive as "dental implants

What is a dental implant action?

To appreciate and make an informed choice about the prices of dental implant, the first thing to keep in mind is that it is an action. Therefore we must bear in mind that it is not a single part that we have to value. What we understand by "dental implants" is composed of three elements:

The materials with which dental implants are made

Dental implant: On the one hand we have the insert itself that is a titanium screw that is inserted into the jaw so that through a process of osseous titration is set to the jaw making the role of the roots of the teeth.

Dental crown: The next constituent is the dental circlet that fulfills the function of "the visible part" of the tooth.


Support: As a linking between the implant and the dental crown, there is a connecting piece that connects the dental implants with the crowns. This is just the materials needed to perform a treatment by Closest Dentist Office.

When is it necessary to have a dental implant?


The Nearest Dentist Office are perhaps the greatest advance in dentistry at the beginning of the 21st century, but you should not be fooled by the fashions of today's society. It is one of the options that are given when the patient has lost one or more teeth. They are used for a functional purpose allowing the patient to chew again without pain. Replace lost teeth and look the same as the original ones. At first glance everything is very attractive, but you have to be careful with the myths that circulate in magazines and the internet and know the Dental Implants Problems. For example, Nearest Dental Clinic is not always successful, but they have 5-15% failures. You just have to get an implant after a complete diagnosis from your dentist. This diagnosis consists in a review of your dental clinical history, as well as the collection of all the necessary information on the conservation of your teeth, allergies and your health in general. It will also tell you how many implants you can put on and the place.


What benefits and losses are there in the long term?


The benefits and harms will depend more on the patient than on the implant itself, since each person is a world and their body will react differently. In principle, if the proper indications are followed, the risks of something going wrong are reduced. In any case, before undergoing a dental implant it must be clear that implants are not for life, last for many years but have a limitation over time. The time they last will depend on different factors, such as care, hygiene, that the appropriate indications are followed, etc.


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