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How you can fix the broken tooth problem?

Broken tooth is something that happens to most people. Human teeth are strong but it can still crack, break or even fracture in some situations. The damage can make your tooth vulnerable to infections and cause you pain as well. In case you have a broken tooth, you should consult your dentist as soon as possible. There are several ways the dentist may use to treat the broken tooth. Here are just some of them broken tooth treatment methods.

Ceramic filing

One of the ways that the dentist can use is ceramic filing. Ceramic filing will restore your tooth to its natural state. The dentist can complete this procedure in just one sitting. You will be able to fix the broken tooth with one dental visit. If the situation needs more resistant material, then the cigna dentist near me will use the filing.

Dental bonding

If the surface area affected is small, then your dentist will try to put a bandage on the part of the pulp that has been exposed. The delta dental ppo may decide to put a temporary filing on your tooth to rebuild it.

Root canal

In case there is a large area that has been affected or you are feeling a lot of pain on your tooth, then you may have to do a root canal. Root canal requires keeping the solid shell of your natural tooth. The procedure also requires that the soft part is removed. Root canal is an appropriate procedure if the remaining tooth structure is still in good condition.


Once the root canal has been done, the broken tooth repair dentist may use the crown to protect your tooth. Crowns will help protect the tooth. It will cover the broken tooth and is suitable when the tooth has a poor integrity. The doctor may use the cerec technology to ensure you get the procedure done in just one visit.


At times, the tooth may break at the just below the level of gum. In this case, it can be adjusted to the level of the gingiva using a laser. The procedure will help in clearing and repairing the teeth. In case the tooth structure breaks just below the gingiva, the best orthodontic treatment houston can remove bone and gum to repair the tooth. If the tooth breaks far below the gum and bone, then it may be necessary to extract it. The dentist will do an installation of the implants.

Broken tooth can be painful but also affect your smile. Luckily, they can be treated to give you the beautiful smile. The only thing you have to do is make sure that you go to a qualified general dentist near me to have it done. Today, there are so many techniques and systems that you can use to make your research easier. With the help of advanced technology and techniques it is very simple to find the services of a professional dentist.

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