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When To Place A Prefabricated Post And Core

Prefabricated Post

A prefabricated post is a kind of a metal pin that is placed in the tooth root to hold it in place. A wide range of prefabricated posts is available in various shapes and sizes, subject to an individual tooth structure. Parallel sided prefabricated posts are recommended for conservatively prepared root canals with a circular cross-section.

A dental crown or bridge is fastened to the post. A prefabricated dental post is proposed when the root canal has been done and the natural tooth isn’t supportive enough to restoration.

Indications for Prefabricated Post and Core System:

  • Amount of tooth structure remaining: excessive loss from decay and caries, from the previous restoration thus, weaken teeth would not provide support for the extra-coronal restoration.
  • Functional load of the teeth: abutment teeth for a fixed and removable partial denture, teeth that exhibit extensive wear from bruxism, heavy lateral function require a post, core, and crown.

What are the Post and Core?

A post and core are a type of dental restorations that are required to retain a conventional crown. A post is fused into the performed root canal retaining the core restoration, which in turn retains the final crown. The benefit of placing a tooth post is to improve the retention of the dental crown. Posts are usually required for the frontal or anterior teeth instead of posterior teeth.

Prefabricated Post Dental Types:

Post and core are divided into two main parts; Prefabricated and Cast. Both the procedures employ a post that is being placed where the root canal has been performed.

Prefabricated Post and Core takes less time to place as there is not much lab work required and can be inserted immediately once the root canal has been performed. After the post is perfectly placed and cemented into the post space, a core material like dental composite resin can be stuffed around the post. After the material sets properly, an impression is taken for the fabrication of the prosthetic crown to fit an existing removable partial removable dental prosthetics.

A carbon fiber post is a type of prefabricated posts and core which were proposed to reduce the failure of post-retained restored teeth.

Cast Post and Core can be custom fabricated in cases where the post space is not suitable for a prefabricated post. Studies have shown decreased fracture resistance with the cast posts. Cast posts have added expense as compared to prefabricated posts.

Life of a post and crown depends on the aesthetics and quality of the dental crown. Nonetheless, no dental crown is made to last eternity and is subject to fractures.

Are post and core necessary?

Dentists should avoid placing a post when other anatomic options are available to retain a core. Molars do not require post as pulp chamber and canal can retain a core usually.

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