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What is a root canal? What are the steps of the root canal treatment?

Usually, the root canal treatment is considered to repair a tooth that has become infected due to certain reasons. A root canal treatment is actually a part of the tooth. It is the void section of the tooth that has nerve tissue, blood vessels, and other cells which are known as pulp. If you want to understand the treatment better, you should also know about the anatomy of the tooth. A tooth includes a crown and roots. The upper part of the tooth is known as the crown, while the lower part is known as the roots. The roots are attached to the jaw bone. The pulp is the inner part of the crown and the root. It nourishes the tooth and provides enough moisture to neighboring material. The nerve is the part of the tooth that helps you to sense hot and cold temperatures as pain if you have exposed tooth roots.

The root canal treatment is an endodontic therapy which means inside the tooth.

Dentist Nearby, recommends root canal treatment when you have an extensive infection in the tooth and it needs immediate repair in order to save it from further damage.

Steps of Root Canal Treatment:

The root canal procedure is completed in three steps and takes three sessions to finish.

1. Cleaning:

At first, delta dental near me removes the infected part inside the root canal.

The dentist gives him local anesthesia to numb the area and makes a small incision on the surface of the tooth and removes the infected and dead pulp tissue with very small files.

2. Filling:

The emergency dentist open 24 hours near me, cleans, shapes, and decontaminates the hollow area using very small files and irrigation solutions to kill the harmful microbes.

Then, he/she fills the tooth with a rubber-like material, using a sticky cement to seal the canals completely.

As the tooth is dead after the therapy, the patient will not feel any pain for a long time as the nerve tissue has been removed and the infection has been taken out.

3. Adding a crown:

The tooth is now more delicate than it was earlier. As the tooth has no pulp so it will receive its nourishment from the ligament (the fibrous connective tissue), that connects the tooth to the bone. Although the tooth gets enough nourishment from the tissue but with passing some time it gets more delicate that it needs a crown for protection.

Before you get a tooth crown, the 24 hour emergency dentist near me, recommends some preventive measures such as the patient should not chew or bite on the tooth. Once you get the tooth crown, you can use the tooth as before.

Is it painful?

This is the misconception about the treatment that it is painful. But the treatment does not cause any pain. The pain you feel is from the infection not from the treatment. Once the infection is removed you don’t feel any further pain.

The dentist can prescribe you some antibiotics to prevent the infection.

If you have infected tooth pulp you should go for the treatment early as if it is left untreated, the infection will keep spreading further.

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